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Obama Still Creating a Toxic Environment for Trump’s Policies at EPA, Think Progress deems iI “A Punitive … Assault On Science? Like Let Talk About “A Punitive Assault On Science ? Like Were The Science TO Prove Gender Identity?

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Pay no attention to that man behind that curtain!” The Wizard of Oz had a good reason for trying to distract Dorothy when his true identity was revealed in the 1939 classic film. The last thing he wanted was for her to figure how things really operated.
Oz isn’t the only place where people are ignorant of who operates quietly in the shadows. The federal government is rife with people who do their jobs away from the spotlight, wielding a measure of influence that can even outweigh that of their bosses.
Take the Environmental Protection Agency. You may be aware that its current administrator is a man appointed by President Trump – Scott Pruitt. But there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Francesca Grifo, the agency’s “Scientific Integrity Official.”
And frankly, that’s fine by Grifo. The less you know about her and many other unelected bureaucrats, the easier their jobs are. Especially because Grifo’s current job appears to be trying to subvert Pruitt’s.
Grifo was hired in 2013. Her position as “Scientific Integrity Official” grew out of President Obama’s stated goal to “restore science to its rightful place,” as he put it in his 2009 Inaugural address.
Like so many other titles and goals, it all sounds pretty harmless. But as Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel recently pointed out, a political motive was at work. This was, she writes, Obama’s “way of warning Republicans that there’d be no more debate on climate change or other liberal environmental priorities.”
Grifo came to the agency from the far-left Union of Concerned Scientists, so you can imagine why she was selected. You can also imagine what her job boils down to now that Donald Trump is president: thwarting his agenda as much as possible.
Toward that end is a meeting she’ll be hosting soon with numerous groups to discuss ways to pursue “scientific integrity.” The initial guest list read like a “who’s who” of the liberal environmental movement: Earthjustice, Public Citizen, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Progressive Reform, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, and yes, the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“This is a government employee using taxpayer funds to gather political activists on government grounds to plot — let’s not kid ourselves — ways to sabotage the Trump administration,” Strassel writes. (Since then, some conservative groups have been invited as well, but it took Strassel’s column to do it.)

It isn’t just disagreements over policy that fuels the behind-the-scenes activities of bureaucrats such as Francesca Grifo. They surely have their eyes on the budget cuts that the president has proposed to climate programs.
Climate Wire called his budget “a slap in the face.” To Scientific American, it’s a “slaughter.” Think Progress deems it “a punitive … assault on science, the environment, and indeed the planet.”
But as environmental experts Katie Tubb and Nicolas Loris point out in a piece for the Daily Signal, all this hyperventilating lacks context.
For one thing, some cuts to the federal government’s sizable climate budget are clearly in order: At least 18 agencies administer climate-change activities, to the tune of $77 billion between fiscal years 2008 and 2013.
There’s a lot of wasteful spending in there, such as $700,000 to a global-warming musical, and an EPA grant for “green” nail salon concepts in California. Moreover, Tubb and Loris note, most of the money goes to “green” tech rather than to science, wildlife or international aid. “Even after the president’s proposed cuts,” they write, “there is plenty of money left in the federal budget to study and model the climate.”
If President Trump wants to make any headway at the EPA and other federal agencies, he needs to do more than appoint good people to run them. He needs to make sure that the people behind the curtain aren’t working to undermine him.

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It’s Time to Demand the Obama-led Resistance to STOP THE HATRED!

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It’s Time to Demand the Obama-led Resistance to STOP THE HATRED!

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It’s Time to Demand the Obama-led Resistance to STOP THE HATRED!

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It was only a matter of time before the wishful thinking of the progressive left, who celebrate the decapitation and assassination of President Donald Trump in comedy and ‘art’, manifested itself in real life.
House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who endorsed President Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, and has been a vocal backer of Trump’s travel ban, was shot in the hip and multiple Congressional aides were hit by a gunman with a rifle who opened fire at a baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday morning.

The gunman was shot by U.S. Capital Police, apprehended and taken to the hospital. Sen. Mike Lee told Fox News, however, the gunman was dead. Rep. Mo Brooks reportedly used a belt as a tourniquet to stop Scalise’s bleeding.
“Both @POTUS & @VP are aware of the developing situation in Virginia. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted.
“Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., told Fox News he left just before the shooting. As he walked to his car, a man asked DeSantis if it was Republicans or Democrats practicing.
“About three minutes the shooting began, DeSantis said.
“The shooting began at 7:15 a.m. and lasted about 10 minutes, sources told Fox News.

Behind third base, I see a rifle…I hear Steve Scalise over near 2nd base scream,” Brooks told CNN.
“The shots were reported on East Monroe Street in Del Ray, Alexandria police said on Twitter at 7:30 a.m. The location was near a YMCA.
“Scalise, 51, is the House majority whip. He has represented Louisiana’s First Congressional District since 2008 and chairs the House Republican Study Committee. He is married with two children. Scalise’s district includes New Orleans.
“Since he’s in leadership, Scalise has a security detail.
“Scalise, who studied computer science at Louisiana State University, worked as a systems engineer before launching his political career. Scalise endorsed President Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, and has been a vocal backer of Trump’s travel ban. As leader of the powerful study group, he has also spearheaded the effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare.
“The Congressional Baseball Game is scheduled for June 15 at Nationals Park. The game, which has been a tradition since 1909, pits Senate and House members of each party who sport the uniform of their home state. The practice location is about 10 miles from Washington, D.C.”

The visceral hatred of the Democrats forced into exile by the election that made Donald Trump, has found its mark.

The visceral hatred of the Democrats forced into exile by the election that made Donald Trump America’s 45th duly elected president, has found its mark.
Seriously disgruntled Democrats, preparing for a Barack Obama ‘Summer of Resistance’ are, at least in spirit, advocating a corrosive hatred that is consuming America.
While the progressives, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry and some Republicans have dominated the news cycle with a completely manufactured Russian/Trump campaign collusion conspiracy, innocents are now being shot at baseball practice.
In our lifetime, the saying is going from ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ to ‘Take Me Out AT the Ballgame.’
It’s high time for American citizens to demand authorities to STOP THE DEADLY PROGRESSIVE HATRED.
Shortly after the shooting Wednesday morning at a congressional baseball practice, Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) told NBC News that it appeared the “gunman was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.” Walker, who was at the practice for the upcoming annual congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, confirmed he was “shaken but okay.”
Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) recounted an “odd” encounter he had as he was leaving the field just minutes before the shooting: “There was a guy that walked up to us that was asking whether it was Republicans or Democrats out there, and it was just a little odd,” DeSantis told Fox News.

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How Obama's 'Smart Power' Helped Seed the Manchester Attack

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The hunt for the terror network behind the Manchester attack is now focusing on Libya, where bomber Salman Abedi’s father and brother were arrested Thursday and from which Abedi himself had only recently returned.

That’s hardly surprising: South Manchester is home to one of the world’s largest Libyan expatriate communities, which in recent years has become a prime recruiting ground for young jihadists.
And Libya itself is the base for an ISIS external-operations wing tasked with plotting terrorist attacks in Europe. Indeed, since the fall of Moammar Khadafy, Libya has become a haven for Islamist terrorist groups.

Such is the result of Barack Obama’s failed policy — which he so confidently announced would prove smarter than his predecessor’s mistakes in Iraq, only to be proved horribly wrong.

Obama (with a huge push from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) effectively brought about regime change in Libya, while avoiding the kind of occupation that proved so deadly and costly to the Bush administration after it ousted Saddam Hussein.

Yet all that did was create a huge vacuum, rapidly filled by civil war among various militias as well as ISIS and other extremists.

 And it’s not as if no one saw it coming. On the contrary, the State Department’s top Middle East hand warned from the start that Libya’s post-Khadafy leadership was hopeless, leaving the country prey to becoming the failed state it now is.

In short, Obama and Bush made the same mistake: They had no real plan for what came next after a despot’s ouster.

How Team Obama Tried To Hack The Election

How Team Obama Tried To Hack The Election

By Paul Sperry, NY Post
New revelations have surfaced that the Obama administration abused intelligence during the election by launching a massive domestic-spy campaign that included snooping on Trump officials.
The irony is mind-boggling: Targeting political opposition is long a technique of police states like Russia, which Team Obama has loudly condemned for allegedly using its own intelligence agencies to hack into our election.

The revelations, as well as testimony this week from former Obama intel officials, show the extent to which the Obama administration politicized and weaponized intelligence against Americans.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Obama now lecturing America on food waste and eating meat, gets fact-checked by his former chef

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Former President Barack Obama was interviewed this morning at the Seeds & Chips summit in Milan, Italy by former White House chef Sam Kass and he’s found a brand new thing to lecture Americans about: Food waste.

We just can’t make him happy, can we?
Weird how he didn’t lecture kids on this when they were throwing away all of that gross food mandated by Michelle Obama:
Maybe he should have eaten some of those school lunches himself? Obama did admit that “taste” matters:
This year’s Seeds & Chips summit is on “The Impact of Technology and Innovation on Climate Change and Food Availability Around the World.
So, not only should America fight global warming by cutting down on food waste, but we should eat less meat, too:
Kass then fact-checked the now meat-averse former president. BUSTED!
Oh, great … libs are coming for our steaks next?
They can take our steaks from our cold, dead hands!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Racist Obama Caused Dems' Downfall, Not Hillary!

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he press is starting to pile on Hillary Clinton for losing to President Trump, but the real cause of the Democrats' defeat is never discussed.  It is Obama himself.

According to Gallup, averaging his two terms, Obama was the most unpopular President since President Truman, save only for Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.  Even Nixon was more popular.  That poll will never be reported in the liberal press.  But Democrats can’t ignore this astounding precinct map, that shows how tiny the blue islands have become in a sea of red voters.

Obama thinks Democrats should continue to write off those red voters.  They don’t have long to wait for the demographics of immigration to turn America's majority non-white.  Obama is unfazed because he dreams about this: we already have a non-white majority among Americans under age 5.  Obama foresees a permanent Democratic government, based on minority immigration rates, coupled with ginning up racial and gender divisiveness. 

Trump won the Democrat heartland?  A short-term setback.  Soon progressives can tell the heartland to get lost.  As Obama told David Remnick, he ‘believes in demographics.’
The hyper-partisan media will never criticize Obama.  This week, the DNC’s number two guy, Keith Ellison, broke the rules and shocked everyone by blaming Saint Barack Obama for the party’s diminished, sorry self. 
“Given we lost a lot of statehouse seats, governorships, secretary of states… he can’t say that he wasn’t part of those losses. Who else, right?”

Ellison understated the problem.  There are fewer Democrats in Congress than since 1929, fewer Democrats in state and federal offices than since the Civil War.  Democrats can beat up on Hillary Clinton all they want. It has nothing to do with Hillary’s campaign and everything to do with Obama’s radical agenda as President. Hillary is just the biggest Democrat politician of them all who followed Obama’s polarizing priorities right off the cliff. 
Mainstream America wanted jobs and racial healing, secure borders and safety from jihad.  Obama gave them the opposite.  Once elected, he went further and repeatedly dissed his white voters as bigots.  Obama’s radical millennial shock troops, financed and trained during his eight years in office, now pipe the tune to which the Democrats dance.  (See my columns, Obama’s Snowflakes and Obama Fundamentally Transformed America the Democrats.) 

Americans have had enough progressive politics to see they don’t like it. Voter flight from Democrats started with Obamacare and the corrupt stimulus.  They were losing their jobs by the millions.  It doesn’t get worse than that.  Except it did get worse, as Americans began to lose their lives to jihadis and cop killers and illegal criminal aliens.  If you didn’t like it, you were called a racist and Islamophobe.  Progressives boasted that whites would soon be a minority in America.  People could see the exploding Hispanic and Muslim population in their towns and cities, brought into this country for the good of the Democrat Party, not for America’s good.  The culture war Obama launched against religious freedom was the coup de grace

During Obama’s two terms, ordinary Republicans and independents turned to Tea Party conservatives, at every level of government.  They wanted leaders to fight Obama’s re-do of America, and go-along Republicans.  Trump was the first fighter they had a chance to vote for in a Presidential race, and the crowds flocked to him.   

Hillary’s failure is supposedly that she ignored the white working class.  The entire Democrat party thought that calling Trump supporters names was the way to go – they still do. 

Since her loss, the DNC and the Democratic leadership have doubled down.  They are still not talking about jobs or national security or the immigration problem.  They’re too busy screaming that Trump is a Russian stooge, based on fake leaks apparently orchestrated by our exiting President.  They’re still yelling that businessman Donald Trump and his working class voters are white nationalists.  They’re blaming Hillary, because her identity politics flopped, all the while continuing it themselves. 

Obama’s polices didn’t even work well for Obama, as the Gallup Poll shows, but they served the purpose of his radical takeover of the party.  Eight years is a long time.  Obama abused federal funding and threats of lawsuits to yank campus culture hard left.  He forced the black community left by purposely inflaming racial grievances in Florida and Ferguson, Missouri, and from there across the country.  It was Obama who awarded the Marxist Black Lives Matter power and legitimacy. Hillary was stuck with them.  Obama even promoted pro-jihadi Islamists to positions of power and influence. 

As president, Obama started a private foundation, which he calls Organizing for Action, which trained 30,000 millennial street activists, as many as half from immigrant families.  He funneled his campaign experts and donors to this left-wing army, leaving normal liberal politicians on their own.  Most of them went down to defeat, but Obama never changed course.   He was not interested in building the Democrat Party, but in taking it over. 

Thanks to Obama’s community organizing from the White House, America now has a hardcore, violent, progressive vanguard, which the useful idiot Democratic Party leaders and media are applauding as “the Resistance.”   This is Obama’s lasting legacy.

With the help of a partisan, unethical press, the Democrats normalized Obama’s every aberrant trait.  But Obama is aberrant.  He is a Democrat in name only – in reality, he is a hard left “red diaper baby” – as were Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod.  Obama has had literally lifelong radical ties, starting with his grandfather and mother, as well as his Kenyan father, and Obama’s beloved teenage mentor, child molester Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party.  (According to Paul Kengor, Frank Davis’s political work for the Soviets got him placed on the FBI’s Security Index, so he could be immediately arrested in a national emergency – the Cold War equivalent of our terrorist watchlist.)

In college Obama tells us, he only associated with radicals.  After law school, he moved to Chicago and began radical left “community” organizing.  He entered politics as the chosen successor to a socialist state senator.
Out of sight of the public, President Obama’s actions continued those of the professional agitator he was in Chicago.  He funneled half a billion dollars in federal fines to leftist groups, using a “a shakedown system eerily reminiscent of the ACORN “Muscle for Money” program that he was a part of in Chicago.”  On campuses, he forced colleges to hire radical blacks and feminist thought police and start a rape witch-hunt against white men, using the threat of civil rights suits and loss of federal funds. 

After his re-election, Obama flirted with what he called going “Bulworth” – that is, revealing that he is a socialist.  How galling for him Sanders’ acclaim by millennials must be, but Sanders is a loser.  By hiding his Marxism, Obama made it to the White House, twice.

Ominously, Obama says he will devote his post-presidency to funding, training and organizing more activists.  That is not normal.  Presidents in America retire from politics.  They have since George Washington.  It is crucial to our democracy.  

Happily, the rest of us are not stuck in Obama’s scenario.  America is not as racist as he is.  We have a unified vision of success for the whole country, based on our common American values. A renewal of freedom and personal responsibility has the potential to unleash enormous prosperity for every American citizen.
If Trump succeeds in doubling and tripling the GDP growth rate, easily within his grasp with sensible pro-growth policies and reining in the administrative state, he can blow Obama’s race-based strategy to bits.  Trump has sworn he will be the greatest job creator the world has ever seen – not just for white Americans, for all Americans.  If he succeeds in bringing jobs to our unemployed white working class, minorities and millennials, it will be a game changer.

Racial demographics need not be destiny.  We are all Americans and want the best for each other.  America is better than Obama’s dark radical vision of us. 

What a wonderful thought:  Democrats will play the race card, and no one will listen.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dems Demand Legal Justification for Syria Strike? Where, The Liberal Demand Legal Justification For Obama MARCH 21, 2011 Libyan air defenses and government forces.

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Two top Democrats are demanding President Trump provide legal justification for his decision to launch 59 tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airfield earlier this month - the base believed to be the source of a deadly chemical attack. Evidence points to the Assad regime.

Most of Congress - even Democrats - appeared to support the strike. Yet, Democratic leadership wanted Trump to seek an Authorization of the Use of Military Force before taking any further military actions. Now, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who served as Hillary Clinton's vice
presidential running mate, and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), have sent a letter to Trump on Monday seeking an explanation for the airstrike.
"It has now been over two weeks since you ordered the strike on the airfield, and your Administration has yet to put forward any detailed legal analysis or justification for that action under domestic and international law," the Democrats wrote.

"The legal justification for an attack on the Syrian government is not an afterthought, but rather a first order consideration, and something that is vital for the American people to understand at the outset," they added.
The majority of Americans approved of the president's decisive action - perhaps because they witnessed years of inaction and empty threats from the Obama administration.

Other One Of Obama And Hillary Abortion Facility SHUT DOWN": Louisiana abortion facility that killed 7,482 babies closes for good

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BOSSIER CITY, Louisiana, April 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- Pro-life intercessors have claimed a victory with the closing of a Louisiana abortion business.

40 Days for Life has sponsored prayer vigils outside the Bossier City Medical Suite and now local leader Chris Davis says the abortion mill has ceased operations.

“After five years of standing in prayer outside the Bossier abortion facility, God has answered those prayers in a big way!” Davis declared. “Thanks to 40 Days for Life … and all the local volunteers who have an untold number of hours on the sidewalk!”

Documents obtained by Louisiana Right to Life reveal that the facility's operators returned their medical license to the state Department of Health.

The document also states that Dr. James Degueurce, who apparently was the abortionist there, "intends to continue providing abortion care to Louisiana women at a clinic yet to be determined."
“With the closure of Bossier City Medical Suite, there is one less facility in Louisiana destroying the lives of innocent unborn babies,” Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Benjamin Clapper said.
Republican Congressman Mike Johnson of the 4th District issued a statement calling the closure a "wonderful development." "I believe we have a moral obligation and duty to defend the most defenseless among us and to stand up for innocent unborn children."

Clapper reflected on the many lives the abortion business cut short. "From 2006 to 2015, this facility sold 7,482 abortions," he said. "We mourn for these lives that will never enjoy life in Louisiana, but we rejoice that this facility will no longer be in the business of abortion."

The closure brings the number of abortion businesses in the state to three. Those include Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans, Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, and Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport.

The closure of Bossier City Medical Suite is not expected to slow down the local abortion industry. The Shreveport abortion business is only six minutes away.

Early last year, the Bossier City clinic stopped doing abortions for a brief time because of a pro-life law protecting women's health by requiring local hospital privileges. Clinic owners petitioned for and received a "stay" of enforcement of the pro-life law.

40 Days for Life lists 85 similar closures and attributes the trend to the power of peaceful prayer.
“We encourage the pro-life community to continue its efforts to provide help to mothers and babies, both before and after birth. We look forward to a day when all babies are protected by law and welcomed with joy,” Clapper said.

Davis confirmed the closure with a picture of a moving truck outside the clinic as the staff packed the business into boxes.

Obama Still Creating a Toxic Environment for Trump’s Policies at EPA, Think Progress deems iI “A Punitive … Assault On Science? Like Let Talk About “A Punitive Assault On Science ? Like Were The Science TO Prove Gender Identity?

“ Pay no attention to that man behind that curtain!” The Wizard of Oz had a good reason for trying to distract Dorothy when his tru...