Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scorching List of Obama’s Greatest “Accomplishments”

Barack Obama will go down in history as the worst President of modern times, perhaps even the worst President in history.
What an ignominious legacy for the Messiah. The One. The First Black President. The First Post-Racial President. The first insert-adjective-of-your-choice-here president. We were promised he would heal our land. Bridge the divide. Stop the seas’ rising. We were handed an amazing bill of sale…but now it now appears the goods delivered didn’t match the receipt.
He is a blatant liar that cannot be trusted, one that deliberately uses deception and manipulation to push his destructive and radical progressive leftist agenda. His domestic policies have resulted in a stagnant economystuck in a perpetual recession, while his foreign policies, or lack thereof, have weakened our nation on the international stage, both in influence and prestige, as well as militarily, which has left the country vulnerable to attack by those who despise us.

All of that being said, here are just a few of the highlights (lowlights?) of the Obama administration.
Domestic “Accomplishments”
  • Following the great economic crash of 2008, Obama has led the worst and most anemic recovery from a recession in history, despite ample “stimulus” government spending and seemingly never-ending “Quantitative Easing” by the Federal Reserve, which is just a fancy way of saying they are printing (digitizing) new money to inject into the system.
  • A near doubling of the national debt, which stands at nearly $18 trillion, which was an “unpatriotic” $9 Trillion when Obama first took office.
  • The most scandal-plagued, corrupt, and lawless administration in history, one that has used various government agencies as political weapons to trample and violate nearly every Constitutionally-protected right treasured by Americans.
  • The lowest labor participation rate since the Carter administration, matched with the highest welfare rolls in history, i.e. food stamps, Section 8 housing vouchers, unemployment benefits, disability, etc.
  • A massive increase in the regulatory burden placed on America, from banking to healthcare, and every industry in between.
  • The implementation of environmental policies that are crippling our nation’s energy sector, while simultaneously stripping citizens of private property rights.
  • The opening of our southern border to all manner of illegal immigrants, including those with criminal and terrorist intentions, those carrying diseases, as well as those with more innocent intentions who will nevertheless prove to be a drain on the system, with plans to grant unlawful amnesty, which will only serve to invite more illegals into the country.
  • An increase in racial divisiveness, the likes of which haven’t been seen since before the Civil Rights era.

Foreign “Accomplishments”

  • President Obama has reduced America from the well respected and feared sole superpower of the world, to an untrustworthy laughingstock on the international stage.
  • He has taken the most devastatingly powerful military in the history of the world and tied its hands behind its back with morale-reducing policies and suicidal rules of engagement, not to mention decimated them with short-sighted and ill-targeted budget cuts that will shrink the military to pre-WWII levels.
  • He has attempted to give away American sovereignty and independence through a series of United Nations and international treaties.
  • Obama has allowed communist China to exert itself, both economically and militarily, and can only watch as they expand their sphere of influence around the Pacific rim and beyond.
  • He has been repeatedly upstaged by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has seen a resurgent Russiaflex its muscles in an attempt to reconstitute the glory of the former Soviet Union.
  • He has secretly negotiated with Iran, unilaterally relaxing sanctions on them, making it easier for them to create a successful nuclear weapons program.
  • Obama has shown the Muslim world that he is sympathetic to their cause, allowing for the rapid rise of the radical Islamic ideology, and the spread of that radical ideology across not only the Middle East, but Africa, Asia, and Europe as well.  He has allowed for the creation of a Caliphate, or Islamic State, something that the West had successfully prevented since the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in WWI.
There is little doubt that Obama is the worst president ever, and there is really no telling how much worse he will get over the last two years of his time in office.
Obama’s single greatest accomplishment of all is the fact that he has reduced a once great nation to little more than just another run-of-the-mill country, one amongst many.  Were he to get his way over the next two years, he could very well reduce America to Third World status.
One legitimately good thing that Obama is responsible for is the resurgence of the patriotic and independent conservative spirit amongst millions of Americans who will continue to stand in resistance to his progressive liberal socialist agenda.
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