Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Obama: I Want Trump to 'Stop Whining? September 19, 2016 , Whiny Obama Blames Rush/Fox News For Close Presidential Race;

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The near 8 point lead Hillary Clinton enjoyed in the first ten days of August has disappeared. In the latest  Real Clear Politics average, Hillary's average lead has slipped to 0.9 points. Trump leads in Ohio and is starting to peel away support from Hillary in other states. In addition, Gary Johnson, while expected to draw votes from Trump, is actually taking more away from Clinton at this point.
So it's not surprising to see President Obama get in a snit to see the race is so close. He naturally picks out the usual suspects for these developments and as always it is Rush Limbaugh and Fox News:

President Obama says "misinformation" fed by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and right-wing web sites partly explains why the presidential race is such a nail-biter.

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