Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Obama now lecturing America on food waste and eating meat, gets fact-checked by his former chef

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Former President Barack Obama was interviewed this morning at the Seeds & Chips summit in Milan, Italy by former White House chef Sam Kass and he’s found a brand new thing to lecture Americans about: Food waste.

We just can’t make him happy, can we?
Weird how he didn’t lecture kids on this when they were throwing away all of that gross food mandated by Michelle Obama:
Maybe he should have eaten some of those school lunches himself? Obama did admit that “taste” matters:
This year’s Seeds & Chips summit is on “The Impact of Technology and Innovation on Climate Change and Food Availability Around the World.
So, not only should America fight global warming by cutting down on food waste, but we should eat less meat, too:
Kass then fact-checked the now meat-averse former president. BUSTED!
Oh, great … libs are coming for our steaks next?
They can take our steaks from our cold, dead hands!

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