Sunday, November 13, 2016

IN THE NEW SPIRIT OF DEMOCRAT COOPERATION? But Never Forget This: They Do Not Go Away; They Never Quit; And They Won’t Ever Stop Until All Of Us Are Enslaved or Dead

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Let’s see….
  • Total Democrat Party failure
  • Total Democrat-controlled Media failure
  • Total failure of “spontaneous” riots in Democrat-run cities
  • Total failure of a whining, weeping, recriminating Democrat Left
Hmmmm…why, this all seems to spell…well…failure, am I right?

Of course I’m right. Yes, and if the major revision decisions have not yet already been made, then I guarantee that they soon will be made. The Marxist, Islamist, Fascist World Evil Axis Powers’ strategic and tactical goals are being reassessed and reorganized. Every moment of every day and every last piece of silver is aimed at salvaging, reorganizing, and continuing—no matter how long it may take—their dreamed-of Global coup.
Such have been around forever. Nero’s secret police were never fully disbanded; no, they went on to work for Caligula, Vespasian, Diocletian, and then beyond those rulers and despots.
Even buyers and sellers of the ancient version of “liquid gold”–olive oil—functioned as an Imperial spy organization. It never actually went away. Why would it? It was too useful to ever be disbanded or abolished. It just transformed, melted into the Earth, and carried on as it always had, in one form or another.
We are talking here about highly skilled intelligence operators and organizers. Hole and corner boys; secret agents; spies. They never go away. They are much too useful to the real Game of Earth, which is always played out in the shadow world of false realities.

No, I’m not talking about lizard kings, Illuminati, or space aliens who run the world. I’m talking about clandestine operations run by dictators, globalists, foreign billionaires, One Worlders, the CIA, NSA, and all the rest. It’s just common sense. And “everybody does it.”
So what? In some forms these are strategically valuable assets to any Nation, even the USA at its most virtuous and noble. These services are indispensable.
But that’s what they said when they co-opted the Nazi “medical” science the Nazis obtained by torturing captured US and Russian soldiers, sailors, and airmen. These “subjects” were burned, frozen, shot, bayonetted, infected, thrown out of air planes, and otherwise tested for the “glory of the Reich.”
And then later, for the glory of America.
What can be done? Nothing, really. How do you avoid that? You can’t, really.
The crack Nazi intelligence units were never disbanded. They went on to become the OSS’s and new CIA’s vaunted partners under a new name of The Gehelen Organization. This group was run in Germany by a former Nazi officer named Gehelen. See how it works?

Well-organized evil never goes away. And there are always things for it to do, no matter who is in charge for the moment. Until it’s next incarnation.
Right now, the hidden, foreign billionaires and dark global forces who pushed the failed Obama-Clinton coup; the Islamist invasion; the banishment of American borders, culture, and its language; they are gathered in secret to reassess, reorganize, regroup, and try again.
Because evil and the goat-like, mad lust for POWER, it never goes away.
So. Donald. I know you’re a seasoned street guy, and a wise-guy in your own sense, but—vato: please be careful, and watch your back.
And have somebody watch you watching your back. Because the evil sonzab[tches are everywhere, and some of them are not under discipline of the Cabal.
If I’m right, and I believe I am, you will soon see all of these politicians, media, and “community leaders” soon retreat to a “civil, rational, Obama-like neutrality and spirit of cooperation,” in an attempt to make us forget their evil.
And to try again, when they choose and think the time is right.
But never forget this: they do not go away; they never quit; and they won’t ever stop until all of us are enslaved or dead

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