Friday, November 4, 2016

Smoking in the boys room - Motley Crue, No On Calf Prop 56, In The 1980,s Liberal's here Calf In, Kick Off High School Campus, And Force Us To Smoke Of Campus, Ass-Hole.

Everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school

There was an outside smoking area at my high school. I was there from 80 to 84. Cigarettes weren't the only things being smoked. ;)

Teachers smoked in the teacher's lounge. No one smoked in classrooms, and washrooms were technically out of bounds too, but that didn't stop a lot of students from sneaking a puff between class.  1985 you could smoke in your cubicle. A couple of years later a cubicle ban was in place

Smoking was not allowed in classrooms in my high school, but there was a courtyard immediately adjacent to half the classrooms, in which seniors were allowed to smoke. This was in 1987.

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