Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Democrat Introduces Legislation To Strip Military Power From Trump? Political Progressives, Did Obama Violate the War Powers Act? (So Obama Can Use The War Powers Act, But Trump Can't?

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Obama has argued that he acted in accordance with the WPA. He says that he informed Congress of his plans to send US troops to Libya, and since they have yet to tell him he needs to remove the troops, everything is golden. Also, Obama argues that because he passed off command authority to NATO that he doesn’t need to get Congresses’ approval anymore.

We’re going to call BS in short, we believe Obama is majorly in violation of the law,

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) made his first step in stripping President-elect Donald Trump of his military power. Because Trump has no foreign policy experience and operates on “unpredictability,” Himes is introducinglegislation to ensure only Congress can declare war.

The Democrat from Connecticut introduced the Reclamation of War Powers Act Tuesday morning in attempts to curb the executive branch's power to carry out military actions.
The bill aims to cut funding for military missions not authorized specifically by Congress and would repeal authorizations for military force in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Congress was guaranteed the power to declare war in the Constitution, yet since 9/11 more military authority has been given to the executive branch. With the “erratic” Donald Trump now poised to be president, Himes said it’s in the country’s best interests that he be required to consult with Congress before taking any military action.
In November, Himes used Trump’s Twitter account as justification for his bill.

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