Saturday, April 22, 2017

Barack Che Guevara Obama Back to Kick Off the Revolution

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The curse of Marxist Revolution is upon us with the return to the pubic spotlight of Private Citizen FORMER President Barack Obama at the University of Chicago where he will fill the ranks of the Revolution by luring university students into lifelong Community Organizer duty.
‘You can be a rich Community Organizer like me’ will be Obama’s easy sell when he holds forth in an address to the University of Chicago on Monday.
Taught Marxism all the way through school, the university students of Chicago, like the students of most other universities, will be a captive audience

Like the Conquering Hero he always imagined himself to be, fast-talking Barry Soetoro,  who rose all the way from the ranks of a rabble-rousing street fighter to the Oval Office, will lure the graduates into the now lucrative career of community organizing.
The law of the land no longer deals with community organizers or violent protesters.
Best of all for recruitment, Obama who all but brought the country he hated to its knees ,got rich doing it. 
Penguin/Random House, the same publisher who published Saul Alinsky’s Marxist manifesto, ‘Rules for Radicals’, is paying $65 million for books by Obama and his activist wife, Michelle.
And the $65 million is just the advance.
‘Rules for Radicals’, published in 1971 is the book that drew Obama and Hillary Clinton into Marxist poisonous politics.
“While the exact terms of the deal haven’t been released, the Financial Times reported that the Obamas will be paid at least $65 million — which appears to be an unprecedented advance for presidential memoirs (although details were not available on how much each author will receive individually). The previous record was held by Bill Clinton, who received $15 million for writing My Life from Knopf, according to the Guardian. (Clinton’s book wound up selling more than 1.2 million copies, CNN reported. (Vox, March 1, 2017)

Obama, a bigger megalomaniac by far, returns to the revolution from months long vacations at billionaire’s tropic compounds and kingly yachts

Being an on-the-take community organizer certainly beats working for a living.
“Obama and young leaders will hold a conversation on civic engagement and discuss community organizing at the university’s Logan Center for the Arts, his office announced Friday. (, April 21, 2017)
“Hundreds of people are expected to attend, chosen from area universities that were given tickets for distribution, said Kevin Lewis, a spokesman for the former president. About six young people will appear on stage with him for the 11 a.m. discussion, Lewis said.
Revolutionaries of yesteryear like Castro and Che Guevara came down on their people from the Cuban hills, promising Utopia to the poor.
Obama, a bigger megalomaniac by far, returns to the revolution from months long vacations at billionaire’s tropic compounds and kingly yachts.
While he was gloating and plotting on South Sea vacations, his surrogates back in the States were sowing the seeds of his coming revolution.

or Obama’s Community Organizer Revolution THE MOMENT IS NOW

America’s burgeoning Protest Movement was kicked off within hours of his departure from the White House with the Pink Pussy Posse numbering in the millions out on the Big Women’s March.  Backing the ‘Impeach Trump’ clarion call of Dem. Rep Maxine Waters,  thousands marched last Saturday, hiding their M.O. behind a ‘Tax’ March,  and today it’s thousands of “reluctant”, “non-partisan” scientists taking to the barricades in Washington and in more than 600 other American cities.
Sending the scientists is a move to legitimize a protest movement held so far by millennials, feminists and celebrities.
For Obama’s Community Organizer Revolution THE MOMENT IS NOW.
No one knows how many loyalists he left behind waiting to strike from the White House woodwork.
University professors and celebrities are openly calling for Trump’s assassination; conspiracies of Trump being a Soviet double agent kept alive by the Fake News of the New York Times and Washington Post; the students of Notre Dame supposedly cowering in fear at the spectre of being addressed by Vice President Mike Pence;  the wearing of a Make America Great Again cap capable of having counter protesters physically attacked; Hillary still throwing hissy fits about who cost her the election, and the Coast is now clear without Bill O’Reilly, with still more to come from Liberal-managed FoxNews. 
The time couldn’t possibly be more opportune for the Return of Rabble Rouser Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro.
Protest-weary citizens longing for a break from being smeared as misogynist lovers and hoping for Peace in the Valley, aren’t going to get it.
For Obama who took the easiest way to fame and fortune, revolutionizing the West, starting with America, will be a walk in the park.
The success of his long-planned Marxist globalized revolution will be easily seen by the fact that none of the “young people” he’s recruiting to the cause will see through the Disney-like haze that the leader of this revolution is the biggest capitalist pig of them all.
Brace yourself all who care about the future of the West, Lulu’s Back in Town.

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