Monday, April 3, 2017

Charlie Daniels: What About Sanctuary Cities for Unborn Babies?

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There is much division, animosity and defiance in our nation today concerning sanctuary cities, where the local or state governments defy the federal government in the identification, disposition and handling of illegal aliens.

They refuse to inform ICE about illegals, even ones with warrants and visa violations hanging over their heads, and let them walk rather than remanding them into federal custody for deportation, and some of the consequences have been catastrophic.

Practically the whole left wing of the Democratic Party and liberal-minded citizens openly defy federal law, claiming that, though illegal, these fugitives have rights under the constitution or whatever other excuse they can dig up.

On another front, they have won at least a temporary victory as they've been able to find activist judges who are willing to issue restraining orders against President Trump's executive action enforcing a temporary ban on people from countries most apt to include terrorists in the manifest of travelers wanting to visit the U.S.

I have two questions concerning two different scenarios:
First of all, what happens if there is a murderous, terror attack carried out by someone coming into the country who was protected by these restraining orders?

Where will the blame fall?

Secondly, what would be the reaction of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, et al. if some city took it upon itself to become a sanctuary city for the unborn, shut down all abortion clinics and would not allow any abortion that did not threaten the life of the mother?

What if whole states – as Maryland is attempting to do in protecting illegals – became sanctuary states for the unborn?

What would be the headline in The New York Times or the lead story on the evening news?

What would be the difference between right to life groups protecting the life of the unborn and illegal immigrant apologists protecting illegals wanted by ICE?

But can you imagine the front page of the NYT or the content of the evening news should a city or a state decide to go that route?

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